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Useful information

Getting life insurance
Patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus or patients who have had surgical procedures for high grade dysplasia or an oesophagectomy for cancer of the oesophagus may find difficulty in obtaining quotes for life insurance.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has a list of insurance brokers who are prepared to consider individual cases. Search the BIBA website (www.biba.org.uk) and follow the links to Term Life-Death in Service.

Two brokers who have been especially helpful are TH March (www.thmarch.co.uk) and The Chesterfield Group (www.chesterfieldgroup.co.uk).

In general, low grade dysplasia is acceptable with a small premium loading providing there is a robust follow-up plan. High grade dysplasia will be acceptable one year after diagnosis. If the dysplasia is treated with regression then the terms will be as for low grade dysplasia.

The follow up plan and compliance of each individual is key to being able to obtain life insurance cover on reasonable terms.



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