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ANother New Diagnosis

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Topic: ANother New Diagnosis
Posted By: Chris B
Subject: ANother New Diagnosis
Date Posted: 26†Mar†2019 at 3:42pm
Hello, I have just been diagnosed with Barrett's (C2M2). Having read the excellent Down with Acid book I think I have probably had the silent reflex for a number of years (dry eyes, unexplained coughs that lasted over a year etc). At the moment I also have Globus type symptoms, together with hoarseness, loss of voice and I seem to belch (air only I believe) whenever I have eaten/drunk any fluid. This has persisted for 3 months. I have been prescribed 80 mg per day of Omeprazole which seems to have made little difference. I have always been fit, I am not overweight, do not smoke and have cut out all alcohol. My consultant has just retired so I have not yet had chance to discuss any of these symptoms as he simply did an endoscopy without a biopsy. I am waiting to be reassigned to a new consultant and just wondered whether I should be trying to get a manometry test to see if/when I am refluxing (belching and/or at night) and to see strength of LES. Any help advice would be appreciated.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 01†Apr†2019 at 10:09am
This sounds similar to the situation I found myself in 12 years ago.

80mg omeprazole was doing nothing to stop all those similar symptoms of reflux. I tried all the - lifestyle modifications without success and eventually decided I had to go for the - surgery I had delayed previously as I'd been too scared. Best thing I ever did.

If your consultant agrees you could be a good candidate for surgery, the surgeon will want to carry out - 24hr pH manometry as on of the preparatory tests. - Acid suppressants reduce acid not reflux.

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Posted By: kevinjp61
Date Posted: 19†May†2019 at 1:12pm
I was on 20mg omeprazole, when I first went to UCHL they increased it to 40mg and also added ranatadine which I take with my night time omeprazole. I havenít had an acid incident since, well to be fair I canít remember the last one.

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